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Tuesday I presented my the design concept for a model garden at Appeltern. I've been obsessing about it for weeks and spent a crazy amount of time building a 3d model in Sketchup. Most of the extra time involved was in teaching myself the program after a much appreciated introductory lesson from [info]coco_keesses . The design was well received, though they were concerned about the feasility of building it - and rightly so. It will be quite the challenge with all those curves, but in my opinion worth the effort.

The garden is composed of flowing lines, subtle and sober colors, textural contrasts (including floral reliefs in the cement). The spatial concept is to create intimate corners - some of which are intended for adults to sit peacefully while others invite the play of children (who can run around islands sized to their proportions, swing inside an arch, experiment with an interactive water(fall) element and retreat in partially hidden cubbies). A lot of attention was payed to views (there is a gorgeous meadow visible from out the garden) and creating entry ways that draw you in. The idea behind the paths is that you can easily get from A to B, if need be, but that you are visually drawn into the corners and want to explore the garden. That's the idea anyway.

A bird's eye overview:

Below you are looking from one of the entrances into the "play" corner. In the next image you have the exact opposite view - 
you are sitting on one of the "floating" benches in the play corner looking out into the meadow.

Another entrance. Here you can see how the center of the garden is kept fairly open. You gain a glimpse of the water element
and are hopefully drawn into the garden.

Gaudi and Escofet ( a company based in Barcelona specialized in street furniture ) served as an inspriation.

As did Sarah Eberle's "Walking Barefoot" garden at Chelsea this year. I'll be using the pavement shown in the image below. 
It is composed of cement ellipses and will be available as of January 2007. 

If budget allows, there will be a floral relief in certain parts of the cement bench / planter/ wall features - 
larger and abstracter than that seen in the Nest Chair designed by Toord Boontje, but the idea is similar.

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