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The Reverie Alone Will Do Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Bezige Bij" journal:

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April 24th, 2010
11:56 am


And, yes...Oh, wow...

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Warning, I haven't reread or edited any of this, so my apologies if it is one big rambling, unreadable mess. But if I waited any longer till I had time to write something perfect it would be June 17th 2011 already. (Yes, that's the tenative date, so mark your calenders.)


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April 20th, 2010
10:06 am


Just call her Alice

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April 11th, 2010
08:05 am


Teyler Museum

Three weeks ago we went with Marilies to the Teyler Museum to see an exhibition about "Royal Gardening". The light that day was incredible and the museum felt like everything a museum should be. I was suddenly reminded of walking through the Natural History Museum in NYC as a kid and getting lost in between the vitrines full of minerals and stones and other such goodness.

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07:53 am


Up hill
I took this pictures a couple of weeks ago; the crocusses have faded at this point and there are now daffodils blooming everywhere.

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07:52 am


Article in het Financieel Dagblad
I still need to scan it, but yesterday there was an article in het Financieel Dagblad wherein I and 4 other garden designers were described as being part of a new movement of garden design in the Netherlands, a movement that combining a strong architectural quality with natural planting and following in the foot steps of Piet Oudolf. Quite exciting actually.

Link to the article online.

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07:24 am


Gender martinis and exquisite cocktails

vaneramos  posted a video to a poem Gender Martini. The title makes me smile with recognition; it is similar to words that I wrote in December 2007. "The mix that is cleverly combined. The exquisite cocktail. I fall in love with the in-between." Lovely to hear such similar words said by someone else.

Oh, and this line:

"In between is hot...like the space between Madonna's front teeth."

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April 2nd, 2010
02:39 pm


One of the things I love about Facebook is that people post pictures like these below:

I am not in this second one, though I suspect I am somewhere in the room. What I like the most about this picture is seeing Mrs. Carlson, a good friend of my mother's and the mother of one of my very best friends from childhood. She looks so young and angelic almost in this picture. She is the one with the dark hair wearing the light yellow blouse and beige skirt.


Also, lots going on in my life and lots to tell, but little time to share. I'll make some time soon.

Happy Easter!

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March 25th, 2010
09:28 am


She's just a girl who claims I am the one

Be careful what you do because a lie becomes the truth.

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08:48 am


When I think about which goal is the most important to me right now, it's my writing. It means the most to me. It also scares me the most and makes me feel the most uncertain.

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March 23rd, 2010
11:20 am


Pictures of Grace and Samantha
Stolen from my sister in-law's facebook:

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