Bezige Bij (bezigebij) wrote,
Bezige Bij

"She will try to create something temporal, even trivial, but perfect in its way."

It is warm and the the peaches in the bowl keep rotting quickly; so I need to eat them even quicker. Life is good and I haven't been here much. This was to a large extent a conscious decision. I needed a break. I needed to withdraw and I'm still not sure what my relationship with the Internet and this journal should be. I am looking for focus. I am trying to cut down on the distractions. I don't know if I am able to say that I am succeeding but the attempt is there.

We are spending the summer here at home. We are working on the house. Yesterday I painted the cement floor in the office downstairs a color called "Rhinocerous"; it's kind of a purpley, leathery gray. I like it.

Imbetween I am reading about roses and admitting to myself that they really are quite lovely. There are so many sorts, so many colors, so many options and it seems somehow silly that I once could make sweeping statements like: "I don't like roses; they are too cliche." , when really there is are so many roses and they range from exotic to nonchalant to candy coated.  I believe I will be planting some "Ballerinas" here in the gaden. The thought makes me happy.

Last week I read "The Hours" by Michael Cunningham and this week I am rereading it. I am surprised that I never read it before. In 2002 I saw the movie and also read "Mrs. Dalloway". Funny that I should wait till now to read this book, but that's how things work sometimes, isn't it.

I sit here fussing over roses and thinking about Clarissa, Clarissa Dalloway and Clarissa Vaughan, and flowers, and peaches in a bowl and the color I painted the floor and other trivial, temporal things, and how ife is good.
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