Bezige Bij (bezigebij) wrote,
Bezige Bij

Bezige Bij?

For those of you who are curious and don't speak Dutch, Bezige Bij means Busy Bee in the aformentioned language. And that's what I've been feeling like lately - a very busy bee. Or maybe a wasp, because I seem to be flying solo. I seem to be moving around a lot, yet not gathering much nectar or making much honey. Maybe I should be a bit more consistent in my flower choice. Maybe I should listen a bit more to the rest of the hive. Maybe not.

Despite my present wasp-like qualities, I have faith that I'll get the bee dance down soon.

And knowing myself like I do, I have no doubt that I will always be busy.


De Bezige Bij is also a Dutch publishing companythat was started during WWII. It secretly published novels, poetry and translations during the German occupation of the Netherlands.

Translated from the website:

"De Bezige Bij was created through the work of those who were driven to anger against the supresser, solidarity with the Jewish people, and the simple need to truly help. Their work became increasingly dangerous and they didn't want to think about the terrible risks they were taking.

While most of society in the Netherlands during the occupation continued to live fairly normal lives, inside that building a secret fairytale world of illegal work was created. A few inexperienced souls were able, with their innovation and willingness to sacrifice even their lives, create an army. Each member a loose end that together formed a whole. They all risked their lives."

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